9 Reasons to Give Minimalism a Chance


Who would choose to be a minimalist? You might have visions of living in an empty room with little more than a chair and a bare light bulb. But that’s not what minimalism is all about. It’s not about reducing everything to the minimum you can barely tolerate.

It’s about getting rid of the extra things and commitments that don’t mean much to you.

The extra items and obligations in your life cost more than you realize in terms of dollars and peace of mind. Adopting a few minimalist principles could go a long way towards bringing you greater fulfillment and life satisfaction.

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1. You’ll spend a lot less time cleaning. Half of the time you spend cleaning is actually spent decluttering. It’s easier to clean the floors, the counters, and the furniture if you don’t have to spend time moving things around and putting things away first.

2. You’ll feel better. Less clutter uplifts your mood and outlook on life. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel without all the stuff that’s commonly in your way. You’ll also be surrounded by the things that mean the most to you.

3. Minimalism is inexpensive. It only stands to reason that you’ll save more money if you buy fewer things. You might even make a few bucks when getting rid of the things that aren’t meaningful to you.

4. You can own higher quality items. With more money to spend, you might be able to buy a nicer car, TV, or clothing. Or you might want to save the money, but at least you have the choice. What would you buy if you could? Minimalism could make this possible for you.

5. You have more free time. With fewer things to take care of and less time spent on cleaning and decluttering, you’ll have more free time to enjoy the rest of your life. You also have fewer distractions which makes it easier to enjoy the other parts of your life.

6. Less stress. A cleaner home, more money, more free time, and more space result in less stress. Just look at a picture of a minimalist home and notice the feeling of serenity that comes over you. Now imagine coming home to that same feeling after a long, stressful day at work.

7. Clearer sense of purpose and greater motivation. By limiting your activities and possessions to the most important, you’ll find it easier to focus and make decisions. Your commitment to those remaining activities also increases.

8. Relationships are enhanced. When you and everyone in your home is less distracted, happier, and has more free time, you can enjoy each other more. A comfortable, stress-free environment benefits everyone in the home.

9. You could live in a smaller home. You certainly don’t have to, but you have the option of moving to a smaller and less expensive home. A house is the most expensive thing you’re likely to ever buy. You’ll have the option of reducing this expense if you decide to give minimalism a try.

You probably have a garage, attic, or basement full of things in your way that you never use. Imagine how you would feel with that space cleared out.

Pick one room and pretend you’re a minimalist. If you’re apprehensive, put all the items you remove from the room in boxes and store them. If you don’t miss the items after a month, get rid of them.

Minimalism might sound boring and austere, but it’s really just the opposite. Try it for yourself! Surround yourself with the items and activities that you love and feel the positive difference in your life.

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