7 Ways to Reduce Everyday Stress and Enjoy Life More

Sometimes, it’s not the big stressors in life that are draining away your ability to enjoy life. It can be the little, everyday stressors that create stress and anxiety. You’ll never experience a time in your life when everything is perfect, but having too many things wrong can seriously impede your ability to smile.

Allowing these little stressors to accumulate is common. They can seem like too much of a hassle to address in the moment, so we put them off until another day. This can be a mistake. Many of these stressors are chronic. They might be small, but we’re forced to deal with them day after day.

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Try these ideas to manage the little stressors in life each day:

1. Be more organized. Reducing clutter can reduce the load on your mind. Handing the little things leaves more internal resources for handling the bigger things.

2. Make a list of all the things you need to accomplish. These are many of the “little things” mentioned in the previous point. These are things like bills that need to be paid, phone calls that need to be made, an oil change for your car, making an appointment with the dentist, and anything that’s hanging over your head.

  • These may seem like minor things, but they weigh on you 24 hours a day. Start taking care of these things and avoid allowing them to pile up.

3. Make a list of the things in your life that annoy you. It might be the squeaky front door to your house, the dome light in your car that doesn’t function, your wobbly chair at work, or the glare on the TV screen from the window at the front of the living room.

  • These little things that get on your nerves over and over create stress. Make a plan to address these issues and get them out of your life once and for all. Why suffer over and over each day?

4. Avoid procrastination. Get started on things when you still have plenty of time to do them at a comfortable pace and do them well. The alternative is to wait until you’re under a lot of time pressure, and you don’t have enough time to do them well.

5. Schedule time to relax. It’s also important to use that time to do something you find relaxing. Schedule time in your day for activities that you find calm and relaxing. You might want to take a nap, read a book, go for a walk, or listen to music that makes you smile. Plan your relaxation time.

6. Evaluate your relationships. Think about your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Which of your relationships could use a little fine tuning? Which relationships need a complete overhaul? And which should be dropped?

7. Take a look at your job. You spend most of your waking hours during the week at your job, so it can be a major source of stress in your life. Maybe it’s time to put your resume out there or to look at another position within the company.

Even if you’re fortunate enough not to have any major stressors in your life at the moment, the little stressors can take their toll. Manage these chronic stressors and you’ll find that the quality of your life increases. Take steps to reduce the everyday stress in your life.

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