TOP 5 WAYS TO OVERCOME Your Fear of Success

Top 5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Success

It might seem odd, but most people are afraid of success. In fact, most people are
intimidated by any change, whether it’s positive or negative.
Though it seems silly
to be afraid of making more money, getting in better shape, or improving your dating
pool, it’s a common affliction.

However, if you want greater success, it’s necessary to minimize your fear of success.

The key to effectively dealing with this fear is the same as dealing with any other:
attack it from multiple angles.

Consider these ideas to defeat your fear of success:

    1. Expand your performance ceiling. We have an internal comfort level for
    different areas of our life. You stay where you’re comfortable. Accomplishing
    something bigger and better is easier if you can feel comfortable thinking about

    • We might feel comfortable at 190 pounds, but the mere idea of being lean
      at 170 pounds just doesn’t feel right.
    • Making $50,000 a year feels about right, but the idea of earning $200,000
      makes your stomach unsettled.
    • Maybe you feel comfortable dating someone with average looks, but your
      palms sweat when you think about dating a “10.”
    • Imagine what you want to accomplish and just relax your shoulders. Do
      this for a few minutes each day. Keep at it until it becomes natural and

    2. Reject the criticism of others. One of our fears revolves around the opinions of
    others. We fear what they’ll think or say if we’re successful. In general, people
    don’t like change. You instinctively know that some people will struggle with
    your success.

    • Realize that this is the other person’s issue. Anyone that isn’t happy for
      your success might not deserve a place in your life. This can be a good test
      to determine whom you want to keep in your life. Be successful and notice
      how people react.
    • If you become more successful, you’re going to lose a few people and gain
      a few. This is true whether you switch from watching baseball to football,
      switch religions, change salaries, or change hobbies. Create the life you
      desire, and the right people will come along.

    3. Embrace failure. Afraid of failing? Why? You’ll undoubtedly fail at least a few
    times as you achieve success. The quicker you fail, the quicker you’ll find
    success. Believe that and this fear becomes inconsequential.

    4. Accept the responsibility. Choosing to be successful is a big responsibility.
    Most of us avoid responsibility in life. You’ll have to become responsible for
    your plans, behavior, and the outcome. This isn’t so scary when you realize the
    other option is luck.
    Take control of your life.

    5. See yourself as successful. Visualize yourself being successful. Do this each
    day. The more you can see yourself being successful, the more comfortable it
    becomes. Make this a habit that you do first thing in the morning and last thing
    at night. Avoid underestimating how powerful this can be when done regularly.

Are you stuck because you’re afraid of success? Many others are in the same boat.
We’re not happy, but the thought of becoming successful is stressful. Most people
opt to stick with what they know.

You don’t have to allow the fear of success to limit the rest of your life. You can
choose to overcome it.

The fear of success might not make sense, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. If you’re
struggling to take your life to a new level, perhaps a fear of success is standing in your

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