The Measurements of Happiness

The Measurements of Happiness

Scientists have attempted to measure what makes a person happy. While there may be studies and questionnaires to measure happiness the best way is to do a self study.

The easiest way to measure your own happiness is by writing down your thoughts and feelings. This can be done by using a notebook, a daily journal or just typing your thoughts onto a document on your computer.

If you are true to yourself and write down your feelings you may be surprised at what you see. Sometimes your unconscious mind will flow through your pen and fill your page with words that have been waiting a long time to make an appearance.

Once you have kept your journal for a while you should see if there is any type of pattern being repeated. For example do you begin to feel anxious or depressed on Sunday afternoon’s because Monday means going back to work?

When some small or large item shows up consistently then it is time to take action to rectify the problem. It is so easy to allow negative thoughts to plague you. You need to take steps to learn how to replace this negativity with positive thoughts.

Two great techniques which are used by therapists are massage and relaxation programs. Calming your body helps to calm your brain and an easy way to do this is to listen to soothing music as you soak in a hot tub.

Talking with a friend about any issues is another way to unburden your stress and allow happiness into your life. This is why it is important to surround yourself with happy people. If you have a good friend who is always cheerful that lives near you, you will find that you are always in a much better mood too.

Even participating in meaningful conversations and discussions can impact your mood. You definitely need to keep your brain active and this can be done by socializing with others. A direct result of this can be seen in retired people. They no longer go out to work each day and there are high instances of retired people becoming depressed. This can be due to the lack of activity both mentally and socially.

Why not try an experiment and measure your own happiness level. Keep a daily journal for a week and then re-read it. Are you truly happy or is there an area in your life that needs improving?

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