Sports Which Provide You with Happiness

Sports Which Provide You with Happiness

Did you know that some medical professionals have shown that certain sports can have a positive impact on how you feel? Most importantly there are sports which will make you happy.

The first cycling boom hit around 1896 and there were many news articles around this time regarding the benefits of this new trend. People enjoyed riding at speeds that could be compared with a horse. The feeling of being free and almost flying were being felt as a euphoric high.

While cycling can be hard under the right circumstances it does bring a sense of unprecedented joy. Over 100 years after the first news articles about the pleasures of cycling this news is still relevant today.

Many studies have been done on the benefits and effects of exercise and in particular walking and cycling. Both are extremely good for your entire body. If you haven’t ridden a bike in a while go out for a ride and you will feel all those muscles you haven’t used in a while.

A research study was conducted in Denmark on school aged children. This study was actually aimed at the benefits of eating a good breakfast and lunch for these school children. What became evident in the study was the method of transport used to get to school, this was more beneficial than the food they ate. All the children who either rode a bike to school or walked did much better than those who took the bus or where driven to school.

When you cycle you are releasing a ton of chemicals into your brain. These chemicals actually make you feel calm and satisfied. Plus the fact that you need to focus to keep your bike upright is another contributing factor to your brain health. You are exercising mentally as well as physically.

Children who have ADHD are now being given cycling programs as a treatment. Cycling has a wonderful effect on them and the majority of children show huge improvements are undergoing a cycling program.

Research has also been conducted on patients with Parkinson’s disease and great improvements have been noticed once they participate in a two month cycling program. Cycling seems to stimulate the brain and help it heal. No one really understands why but positive results are being seen.

If you are looking for a sport which can help make you feel healthier and happier then think about taking up cycling.

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