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Over 50? Empty Nest? A Mom's Guide To Building A Life Without Children


The day you had your first child, it was inevitable that this day would come. No child stays home forever, hopefully. You were destined to be an empty-nester-mom the day your first child came into the world.

You may have spent pretty much your entire adult life so far raising your kids. If you’re over 50, you may even be fostering the notion that your life is nearly over. You suddenly feel a double whammy of empty-nest plus mid-life crises – all at the same time. So, what now?

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to transform that void in your life and build an exciting and fulfilling future!

Consider these topics as a way to learn more about yourself and your options as an over-50 mom with an empty nest:

    ● Chapter 1: The Signs, Symptoms, and Challenges of Empty Nest Syndrome
    ● Chapter 2: Marriage
    ● Chapter 3: Staying in Touch
    ● Chapter 4: Hobbies
    ● Chapter 5: Travel
    ● Chapter 6: Social
    ● Chapter 7: Life Over 50 and After Children


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    » Over 50? Empty Nest? A Mom’s Guide To Building A Life Without Children
        (Include 60-page Main Ebook and a 5-page Worksheet in PDFs)
    » 10 Important Qualities for Effective Leadership at Work (4-page PDF, 44-page Slide Deck in PDF)
    » 14 Habits of Successful People (6-page Checklist in PDF)



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C] Related Quotes

People make a lot of jokes
about the empty nest. Let
me tell you, it is no laughing
matter. It is really hard.

We were empty nesters, our last-born child
having departed for Duke. Meredith decided
we needed a dog to fill the vacuum. She
heard about a litter in Colorado sired by
Chopper, the legendary avalanche dog at
the top of Aspen Mountain.

The biggest change for me as a
mom was realizing I needed to put
someone else before me. Now the
hardest part about the empty
nest is learning to put myself first.

Your child’s life will
be filled with fresh
experiences. It’s good
if yours is as well.

Jobs fill your pocket but
adventures fill your soul.

I was learning to map my own course and
determine my own destination now that my
children were no longer at home. A fire
burned within my soul, igniting possibilities I
previously only dreamed for myself. I was
choosing to feather my empty nest with
leather and chrome, not a second-hand lover.

Parents can only give good advice
or put them on the right paths, but
the final forming of a person’s
character lies in their own hands.

Nothing you do for children is ever
wasted. They seem not to notice us,
hovering, averting our eyes, and they
seldom offer thanks, but what we do
for them is never wasted.

Mothers all want their sons to
grow up to be president, but
they don’t want them to become
politicians in the process.

There are only two lasting
bequests we can hope to give
our children. One of these is
roots, the other, wings.

Listen to the desires of your
children. Encourage them and
then give them the autonomy to
make their own decision.


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