Living a Good Marriage

Living a Good Marriage

Leading a healthy and happy family life depends upon the state of your marriage. If both of you are happy then this transfers over to your children. If you are not then most likely your children will pick up on this and respond by being unhappy too.

So how do you ensure that your marriage stays happy and healthy? Well the most important aspect is by communicating effectively with each other. This means showing each other that you still love one another, and being there for them no matter what.

A happy marriage can be demonstrated by picking up on things as they need to be done, without waiting to be asked. For example if one of you is cooking dinner, the other person automatically starts laying out the dinner table. When it’s laundry day or garbage day you both pick up items and get them ready. No one is forced to ask for help, or made to feel that they have to do the job alone.

Family Life

Family Life

Living a good marriage means understanding that you both need some time alone now and again. If your spouse tends to spend more time with the kids, why not take them out and give her a break? It also means not getting mad when one of you spends time chatting on the phone with an old friend.

While being a newlywed is wonderful, it is so easy to start taking each other for granted as the years wear on. If you want your marriage to last for 25 or 50 years then you are going to have to work on keeping your marriage healthy.

Showing your spouse that you still love them is key, and this can be done in lots of small ways:

    1. Surprise your spouse with a quick phone call at lunch time
    2. Bring home a gift now and again
    3. Don’t forget birthdays and anniversaries, it’s not the gift that is important but remembering the day
    4. Give each other a massage
    5. Watch their favorite movie with them
    6. Compliment the way your spouse looks
    7. Tell each other that you are great parents
    8. Thank each other for just being there
    9. Send them out with their friends
    10. Go shopping together

You entered into your marriage because you wanted to spend time together, so don’t forget this. Always be appreciative of each other by showing your true feelings. This will spillover to your children who will grow up knowing what a good relationship really means.

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