Eliminating Negativity by Learning from a Child

Eliminating Negativity by Learning from a Child

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Children naturally look at the world in a positive fashion. They have not yet learned that life has many pitfalls and challenges. They look forward to new things. They are willing to do what it takes to learn something new. They take time to stop and smell the roses. To just be instead of always doing something they are supposed to be doing. You can learn a lot about being more positive from a child.

Here are some of the ways you can get back in touch with your inner child:

Explore the world around you

Do not let fear keep you from exploring new things. Instead of walking away from the unknown, walk towards it. Children do not tell themselves all those things that adults tell themselves about why exploring new things is not a good thing to do, instead they boldly go where adults will not.

Do not be afraid of, or avoid a challenge

Children love to be challenged with new things. They tend to look at it like a game and think it is fun. This is why kids love riddles and puzzles, They want to be challenged and learn new things.

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Allow yourself to make messes in life

Sometimes in order to learn something new, you will end up making a mess. You will make mistakes, and you will fail. Children love to make messes, but most of the time it is not just to make you mad. Children intuitively understand in order to learn new things, you have to sometimes make messes.

Sometimes you need to ignore or change the rules of the game

Adults are very rule oriented and a lot of times, you need to follow the rules. Children often break rules. Defying authority can be an adrenaline rush. Break a few rules now and then and let yourself feel like a kid again.

See Opportunities

See Opportunities

Take time to play pretend

Children love using their imagination. They are often highly creative and have a lot of fun playing make believe. The imagination is a wonderful thing. Allow yourself to go to some make-believe place. Get away from your normal life and pretend you are someone else. Have fun and you are sure to smile.

These are just a few ways to get in touch with your inner child and eliminate the negativity in your life. There are many other ways you can learn from children to be more positive. Take some time to observe children as they play. See how they deal with challenges and mishaps in their daily activities.

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