Does the Media Train You to be Happy?

Does the Media Train You to be Happy?

This is a question that is often asked for good reason. Marketing executives are trained to attract your emotions by delivering advertisements that make you feel happy.

Everywhere you look you see ads for tasty pies and treats, for the latest fashion designs, and those fancy sleek and shiny new cars. You can’t deny they don’t trigger bells in your mind can you?

So this can lead to scientists wondering if social media today is training people to be happy. Who doesn’t think that money will buy you happiness? Most people will agree that having more money would make them happy to a certain extent.

As a society we are being trained to want more money, to crave that fancy car or that new promotion. Everyone believes that once they have these things physically in their grasp, that they will be happy.

Research has actually showed that while winning the lottery or buying a sports car will provide you with happiness. The emotion of feeling happy will not last and will dwindle.

It is not what you receive which will make you happy it is what you give that will. Being compassionate and considerate to others has been shown to provide you with happiness.

A recent study was conducted by Elizabeth Dunn at the University of British Columbia. Elizabeth and her colleagues performed an experiment using young children. The results showed that children, even those who were only two years old, received more happiness by giving others treats than from receiving treats themselves.

Happiness could almost be classified as the opposite to depression. People who are depressed are usually concentrating on all the things that have gone wrong in their life. By switching your focus to someone else your state of mind changes very quickly.

Haven’t you ever received a request for help from a friend, possibly their car has broken down. If you were feeling down or upset your mood suddenly changes and your depressive thoughts vanish. Instead you become focused on helping your friend and your mood lifts. You will actually feel good about yourself and this brings you pleasure which can be perceived as a state of happiness.

So the next time you are feeling down and blue stop watching those media ads. Understand that items will not truly make you happy. Instead you will be much better off thinking about who you can help instead. Go brighten up their day.

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