Do You Have A Purpose In Your Life?

Do You Have A Purpose In Your Life

Do You Have A Purpose In Your Life

Most people go through life without finding their true purpose. Our experiences, exposure, and environment often shape our world. When asked, little boys want to be exactly like their fathers and baby girls want to be as beautiful as their mothers. As we grow older, our exposure forges a path for a potential future. We choose that path, not necessarily because it is the best for us, but because it is all we know. It becomes easy to think of a career in medicine, accounting, or law enforcement because our parents, grandparents, aunts, siblings, or friends took that path ahead of us. We land the job our grades suggest we are good at. We go through the motions of showing up at work every day, convinced that we should be at least be grateful for having a job.

If we are honest, which we rarely are, we all experience some dissatisfaction with our lives. It often feels like something is missing. Our lives feel like they have no true meaning as we go through the routine of our existence. No matter how discontented we are, we do not actively do anything about adding meaning to our lives. Often, it is because it is intimidating to step out of your comfort zone. It is like undoing what has made you who you are and that can be daunting. It is also because it requires a lot of work. The energy that we have otherwise spent on pursuits that leave us drained and empty.

According to Les Brown, a renowned motivational speaker, and author, finding your purpose puts you in your place of power. It helps you reclaim whatever piece of yourself you have lost in trying to live life according to the circumstances thrust upon you. Every life has a meaning. Everyone has a reason they exist, and that reason is tied to their passion more than their passion.

Definiteness of Purpose Inspirational Quote Graphic Customized Products

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What is purpose?

We relate purpose to inherent talents, abilities, and gifts that can be nurtured and transformed into tools to help other people whilst bringing a sense of contentment to you. Pursuing purpose is not necessarily about acquiring wealth or fame, although if pursued right it can bring both. It is more about using your natural talent to help other people in need of what you offer.

Jay Shetty, a life coach, and former monk simplifies it with a quote from his spiritual guru.

We should plant trees under whose shade we do not plan to sit.

Shetty is a prime example of a man who discovered his purpose early in life. At 18, he split his time between interning in the corporate world and living with several monks. He had grown up in an environment where his friends and family members had ambitions of making it in the corporate world. Having spent time at a monastery in India, he soon decided that climbing the corporate ladder and settling for a conventional job was not for him. After graduating with a first-class Honors’ Degree in Behavioral Science from Cass Business School, he turned down corporate job offers. He says he looked at his older friends in the corporate world and knew he did not want to be like them twenty years down the line. He moved to India officially and lived as a monk, meditating for many hours every day and studying ancient philosophies. To date, Shetty is a fast-growing household name, using his own life experiences to coach people online on life, maximizing potential, and pursuing purpose. He continues to expand his brand through his viral video agency, podcasts, group coaching, and workshops.

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Jay Shetty, Les Brown, and many others are prime examples of people who converted their passion into purpose. Their work has helped many people dig deep within themselves to find meaning in their lives. Many other people such as DJs, chefs, hairdressers, artists- to name a few- use their passion and talents to bring solutions to people’s problems. You too can find your purpose and carve a niche in today’s market, guaranteeing you the satisfaction of affecting people’s lives.

Choosing your life’s purpose is difficult. With so many opportunities in today’s world, it’s no wonder that anyone finds their true calling. Everyone talks about finding your purpose, but no one talks about how to align with it. Just because it is difficult or daunting to find your purpose does not mean it is impossible. It is not only possible; it is important if our life journeys are to have meaning.

‘When you die, how many gifts, talents, abilities, and ideas will die with you?’ Les Brown.

Find your purpose today. If not to help others, then do it so you make use of whatever talents, gifts, abilities, and ideas you’ve been blessed with and which you have kept hidden for too long. Find your purpose to ensure that you do not live a life full of regrets.



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