Being Fair and Honest to Others

Being Fair and Honest to Others

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Being fair and honest to others is actually known as the trait of showing integrity. This includes not deceiving people and being honest when asked for your opinion on a topic. Have you ever made excuses for not going somewhere or because you needed to make that last sale to meet your quota? This is not showing integrity at all.

People who display integrity are often viewed as a leader and someone to take note of. If your goal is to be seen as a winning person then this is a trait that you really want to demonstrate. The best way to be seen in this light is to work on becoming a role model for people. Eventually people will make a point of searching for you.

It can be difficult to give people your honest opinion. They may not like what they hear but it is your opinion. In time people will come to respect and honor your opinions. You will become a person that they can trust.

Trust is a huge issue when it comes to the business world. Never try to cheat a customer for your own good. For example if you have received a defective product and you think that they won’t see the defect, don’t try to sell it to them. Instead the right course of action is for you to return the product even if it means you will be out of stock. You inform the customer that there is a defect and you will order one in for them and will let them know when it arrives.

The customer immediately sees you as an honest business person and will appreciate your honesty. They may offer to buy the defective product if it doesn’t affect the performance. That becomes their decision and at least you made them aware of the issue.

People who are sincere have an open mind and know what they want to get out of life and they take the right steps to achieve their goals. They are also viewed as people who are humble and are not just in it for their own benefit.

This group of people often help others with their time. They help raise money or just give their time to sponsor a cause that they truly believe in. Their act of sincerity often leads others to do the same thing – they have become a role model.




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